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Koi Story is not an expert on types of koi fish. We just come out and say it from the start. Koi Story is all about keeping your koi, do not get up on what kind of koi fish is. But we know where to find information about identifying koi. Here is our review of the top web sources mention types koi fish.

Nishikigoi – This website is a great resource for visual identification of koi fish varieties. Nishikigoi has extensive photographs of many species koi, including Gosanke, Bekko, Utsurimono, Asagi, Tancho, Hikari Mono Goromo, Hikarimoyo, Matsuba and Kawarimono. It’s a great visual guide that emphasizes viskleuren koi and koi varieties.
Amarillo Koi Society – The Amarillo Koi Society is another great collection of images of different types of koi. They have many of the same types as Nishikigoi koi, as examples of Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Ogon, Chagoi, Shusui doitsu, Koromono, Ochiba-Shigure and Midori Goi koi varieties. These guys really know their stuff and visit.
Koi and Water Garden Society of Central New York – Black koi fish, red koi, koi yellow, metallic koi. You name it. These New Yorkers know their koi. They state information for most fish do the other sources. They also go into details about koi with sparkling silver scales (ginrin) and gold sparkling scales (Kinrin) – koi with both Kinginrin.
Zazizam.com – if there was not enough types of koi Visen mentioned, this source is one of many on the web that offers a great infographic add those races as Goshiki, Kumonryu, Kujaku, Gin Matsuba Ogon Orenji Platinum Ogon and Yamabuki Ogon to our list of types of koi.
Antonio Koi – This site has a rare addition to the koi information landscape. Antonio called Koi Japanese syllables and their meanings for each of the many types of koi. If you want to remember koi, we highly recommend it to study.
Wikipedia – And if that was not enough, leave it to Wikipedia to add a few other types of koi to the list. See Ghost Koi and Butterfly Koi Koi varieties in their list.

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